The brand RELIFE was set up in the 1980s by the shoe trading venture RENO and was sold under this name for several years. In 2009 the company Karl Prattes Design took over RELIFE from RENO and gave the license for the brand to Central Park Shoes®.

Due to the huge success of RELIFE, Central Park Shoes® now sells the brand, well known for fashionable comfort shoes and for the tried and tested Relife shock absorbing system worldwide. RELIFE is sold in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Turkey and the USA through major retailers.

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Shock absorbing feelgood shoes

Relife shoes support your body’s natural movements when walking.
Shock Absorbing System
The unique shock absorbing system relieves and relaxes your spine.
Massage elements
Comfortable lasts reduce fatigue in your feet and legs, giving you a complete sense of well-being.
Soft insoles
With our natural soft insoles you will feel like you are walking on feathers.