Product Development

Central Park Shoes® has an excellent development department. A new collection is created twice a year which is continually updated and replenished with customer specific requests.

Our designers are from Spain, Germany, Holland and the UK. They are always close to the market, arrange for the correct lasts and materials and supervise the sample development on-site in China and Vietnam. With the support of our technicians and our local development team, CPS is able to develop an attractive, fashionable collection in line with the market.

Quality Assurance

Central Park Shoes® has proven itself with well-founded specialist knowledge and has committed itself to continually check quality and to meet the standards agreed to with our customers.

Our company puts a lot of time into optimizing fitting and tests all materials used before production to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the final product. Lasts are specially developed to suit different fitting requirements across the world.

In addition to the experienced factory workers, CPS employs European technicians who work in the Far East and support the factory staff every step of the way during shoe production. All shoes are checked carefully from the design stage until the final product. Inspections take place during and after production according to AQL standards.

Environmental Awareness

We are determined to always be one step ahead of fashion, to observe trends across the world, to always keep our eyes and ears open. This is what our teams do every day and this is what continually supports our creativity.

All our materials and products are regularly tested for harmful substances, e.g. Azo, PCP, PCB, cadmium, chromium VI, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other substances banned by the EU. We are extremely aware of the increasing importance of social and environmentally protective measures and support environmentally friendly packaging and methods.

The REACH regulation has a significant influence on the shoe industry. Central Park Shoes® is prepared to comply with REACH by specifying which chemical substances are contained in materials and products and by registering and monitoring your products before they are sold on the European market.

Code of Conduct

Central Park Shoes® has had a code of conduct for a long time which is supplemented by factory audits. CPS aims to only work with manufacturers who have successfully completed a BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) exam.

Our code of contact is based on both BSCI and ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) guidelines. We carry out training seminars, organise training workshops and even advise third party manufacturers.